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Using our Vendor Advocacy services is at no additional cost to the home seller.

Vendor Advocacy is relatively new to Real Estate in Australia. The service of Vendor Advocacy is growing rapidly because home sellers are not being told the truth by the agent that is supposed to be representing them. The agents have a tendency to quote high estimated selling prices, and once a vendor is committed to them, they apply extreme pressure on them to accept offers significantly lower.
Today many agents still use selling techniques that are not only outdated but also go unchecked. Agents also have a conflict of interest because they are dealing with both the seller and the buyer. Bond Street Real Estate acts exclusively for the home seller and appoints the selling agent on their behalf. This process takes the control away from the agent and puts it back in the hands of the seller.
By having this control, the home seller is assured that selling agents will deliver on their promises – meaning they will market the property with professionalism and competence, act fairly when introducing buyers and charge a commission that is fair and reasonable. When a home is successfully sold, the agreed commission is shared between the real estate agent and us. 

Our Expertise

Selling Advice
Vendor's Advocacy

Let us lay out a clear program for engaging an agent, implementing and executing a marketing campaign. We can handle the entire process and transaction for you.


We act for you only and push agents to get results.

Selling Advice

We can advise you when the best time to sell might be based your personal circumstances. We work strategically with your financial planner and or accountant to make sure your Centrelink entilements and or aged care strategy is best structured for your circumstances.


We can also assist with advice regarding your investment property portfolio. When to sell and how to best best manage these investments.

Preparing your Home

To some it may seem simple, but slight upgrades in presentation to full renovations and updates can make a big difference to your sale price. You do not however want to over capitalise.


First impressions count and strong presentation and atmosphere are cirtical to a successful sale. Let us show you how.

Dealing with Agents

Let us be the face of your sale, we will interview as many agents as required to find the best person and branch team for the job.


There are a lot of agents out there let us use our skills to wade through the market place.

Buyers Program

Ask us about our buyers program. Give us a brief of your requirements, needs and wants. We can for a flat fee work with you to explore the market place to find your dream home or investment property. We can even help with negotiations and conveyancing.

Relocation Assistance

We have a network of packers and removalists we can draw upon to help you pack up, move and establish yourself in your new residence. Some simple tips could save you money.

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